Country Sweden

Barany Robert
Medicine, 1914
Barany Robert

Robert Barany was born in 1876 in Vienna.

He received the 1914 Nobel prize in medicine and physiology for his studies on the vestibular apparatus and for the caloric method he invented for testing it.

Robert Barany passed away in 1936.

deepened the understanding of the balancing mechanism in the human body.
Sachs Nelly
Literature, 1966
Sachs Nelly

Nelly Sachs was born in Berlin in 1891. Together with her mother, she managed to flee Nazi Germany to Sweden before the Second World War. The rest of her family perished in the German concentration camps.

In 1966, Nelly Sachs was awarded the Nobel prize in literature, together with Shmuel-Yosef Agnon, “For her outstanding lyrical and dramatic writing, which interprets Israel’s destiny with touching strength.”

Nelly Sachs died in Stockholm in 1970.

in her poetry gives the suffering of the Jewish people universal meaning.
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