Country Russia

Kantorovich Leonid
Economics, 1975
Kantorovich Leonid

Leonid Kantorovich was born in Russia in 1912.

He received the 1975 Nobel prize in economic sciences “For his contribution to the theory of optimum allocation of resources.”

Kantorovich succeeded in developing his brilliant theory, and in leading the way to economic reform in the Soviet Union from within the severe political restrictions of Marxist dogma.

Leonid Kantorovich passed away in 1986.

a key figure in soviet and global economics.
kapitsa Pyotr
Physics, 1978
kapitsa Pyotr

Pyotr Kapitsa was born in Russia in 1894.

He received the 1978 Nobel prize in physics “For his inventions and discoveries in the area of low temperature physics.”

Pyotr Kapitsa passed away in 1984.

discovered the liquid "Helium 2" and made a major contribution in the study of super-liquidity.
Landau Lev
Physics, 1962
Landau Lev

Lev Landau was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1908.

He received the 1962 Nobel prize in physics for his studies on super conductivity and super liquidity, especially for his work on liquid Helium.

Landau is famous for his classic work on theoretical physics, consisting of ten volumes.

Lev Landau passed away in 1968.

a pioneer in low temperature physics.
Pasternak Boris
Literature, 1958
Pasternak Boris

Boris Pasternak was born in Moscow in 1890 and became a famous writer, poet and translator. However, his literary work, particularly the epic novel, “Dr. Zhivago”, earned him a reputation for being disloyal to the Soviet regime. His books were banned within the Soviet Union.

Nevertheless, Boris Pasternak received worldwide praise and recognition for his writing, and in 1958, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for “his important achievement both in contemporary lyrical poetry and in the field of the great Russian epic tradition.” Leaders of the Soviet regime forced Pasternak to refuse the Prize, and two years later, in 1960, he passed away.

epitomized the artist's struggle against political tyranny.
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