Bergson Henri
Country France
Category Literature
Year 1927

Bergson Henri, 1859 - 1941, Year won 1927, the modern philosopher of intuition and time.

Henri Bergson was born in Paris in 1859. At the age of thirty he published his work on the meaning of time and freedom and became a famous and much admired philosopher.

Henri Bergson was awarded the 1927 Nobel prize for literature “in recognition of his rich and vitalizing ideas and brilliant skill with which they have been presented”.

In his teachings, he made a distinction between the conceptual notion of the external reality and the immediate intuitive consciousness that is reveal to us from within, which for him was the only means of understanding life and time.

Despite his attraction to Catholicism, he refused to be baptized and to cut his ties with the fate of the Jewish people at the time of persecutions; on the eve of his death, he insisted on registering as a Jew at Paris police station.

Henri Bergson died in 1941.

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